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Today, you can begin a journey in the purpose that God has for your life. A journey of healing, understanding, and hope.
“This is a timely book. One Chapter at a Time not only speaks words of inspiration for our world at this time, but it is also a practical book that helps its readers to overcome the pains and hurts of this life. The balance of Scripture, personal experience, stories, and practical application all make this a book for anyone (or small group) that wants to turn the inevitable pains of life into a life of joy based on the will of God. Yes, we can write new chapters in our life stories.” - Jon A Herrin, ThD

“When you examine the stages of your life with the help of this book, you’ll begin to notice how God was active all along the way. You will also be able to discover what phase of life you are in now: getting to know God, receiving his call in your life, living through a difficult trial, receiving restoration, or enjoying the fulfillment of a promise. You’ll recognize that your life is full of victories and failures, joys and sadness, and triumphs and defeats. This book invites you to write your own story, one chapter at a time.” - Karen Resendiz

One Chapter at a Time Book

IVA excluido
  • This is a Paperback Book.

    The book will be shipped by February 15th if purchased on PRE-SALE. 

    If purchased after February 15th, the book will be shipped 2-5 days after the order was placed.

    Thank you for your purchase!

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