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Never Seen Before

Never seen before

There are many interesting stories in the Bible. Stories of miracles, supernatural encounters, and deep conversations. There are many interesting stories in the Bible of women that were never seen before.

There was a young girl, who was sick and then died. Not many people cared about little girls at that time and place. But He did. Jesus came and brought her back to life.

There was a woman found in adultery. Everyone was ready to punish her not caring about who she was. But just before they threw the first stone, He saw her. Jesus saved her and gave her another chance. "Go and sin no more", He said.

There was a woman who was sick. She was labeled as impure and no one wanted to be around her. But He did. Jesus healed her, looked at her in the eye, and said: "Your faith has made you well."

There was a woman who was a bad influence in town. Everyone knew who she was and all the bad things she had done. But He saw her. Jesus had compassion on her as she washed his feet with her tears in adoration.

There was a woman with a possessed daughter. She was desperate and anxious. Nobody cared about her misery, but He did. Jesus heard her cry and answer her request.

There was a woman in the well. She had had 5 different husbands and her life was nothing but a shame. But Jesus saw her. He talked to her and revealed himself to her. And just like that, He changed her life forever.

There was a poor widow in town who brought two small coins as an offering. People probably judged her for bringing so little, but Jesus saw her heart. He knew she was giving everything she had instead of the leftovers. Jesus saw her.

There are many women in the Bible whose names we’ll never know. Women that no one saw before, no one cared for, no one loved.

But He did. Jesus cared for them, healed them, talked to them, forgave them, and gave them a new life.

Now, these women had to experience deep pain as they watched the crucifixion of the One who saw them.

They experienced his suffering from the first row. They saw how He was being punished for a sin He didn’t do.

They followed him as he carried his cross. He was hurt, mucked, and humiliated in public for no reason at all.

These women saw how Jesus breathed his last, and stayed by the cross as the crowd slowly went away.

Their Friend, Healer, Protector, Redeemer, and Savior was now placed in a dark and empty tomb.

They followed Joseph as he placed Jesus´body in there, and they went home to prepare perfumes for his body.

They were sad, broken, and felt unprotected.

But those women... never seen before, were now about to witness a miracle never seen before.

Three days later, they came back to the tomb to anoint the body of the one who saw them, heard them, and cared for them.

But the tomb was empty.

The linen clothes were there.

An angel was there, but He wasn’t.

Jesus wasn´t there.

The angel told them: “Don´t be afraid. He is not here, He is risen!”

Filled with joy, excitement, and many mixed emotions, they ran away to tell everyone what just happened. And as they went, He appeared to them. Jesus came, and once again… He saw them. He cared for them that much, that He came to see them first. Jesus saw them…

And they… these women… they saw him too.

They saw his hands and feet with marks from the nails.

They saw his bright clothes, like never before.

They saw his face, they saw his smile, they saw his eyes.

Never seen before… but now, Jesus´eyes found them,

and their lives were never the same.

Is time for us to find those eyes… the eyes of our Savior saying: “Don´t be afraid, I am here.”

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1 Comment

Jessica RM
Jessica RM
Apr 08, 2021

Gracias por el mensaje tan fuerte que Jesús trajo a mi corazón a través de tus palabras amiga, y gracias a Dios por ser obediente a compartir lo que Él te ha mostrado. ¡Ha sido una gran bendición!

Te quiero Karen, que el Señor siga usando tu vida para bendición del cuerpo como hasta ahora. Big hug all the way to USA. 💖

- Jeka

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